LG Dare

Posted: September 3, 2008
LG Dare

We feel up the LG Dare to see if the touchscreen phone competitor to the iPhone has the moxie to jump in the ring and compete with the Jesus phone.

What You Need to Know

  • Lighter and smaller than the 3G iPhone, and just about as thin
  • Fits nicely in a pocket
  • Large 3" screen takes up most of the device, but we do like that they included the call buttons on the bottom
  • The touch screen is not better than the iPhone, but it is the best one from LG
  • Scrolling, tapping and sliding is easy
  • Typing on the virtual keyboard is tough; it's easy to accidentally hit the wrong keys and it does not auto correct
  • Handwriting is cool but not terribly useful
  • You can also customize your home screen by dragging and dropping icons
  • It has a ton of functionality, but it is still sort of plasticy
  • The 3.2 megapixel camera takes great pictures, but the LED flash makes everything look blueish
  • No Wi-Fi, but Verizon's EVDO is incredibly fast for the full html browser; still not the same browsing experience as the iPhone though
  • All of the usual V Cast media is available, but it's nothing close to what you get with the App Store or iTunes
  • If you want a sleek device and you need great call quality as well as an excellent network, the Dare is the perfect choice
  • The iPhone is a better device, but Verizon beats AT&T every time in reliability


  • $200 with a contract

Overall Rating

  • 88% (3.5 Seals of Approval)


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