Voodoo Envy 133 (Pre-Production Unit)

Posted: August 22, 2008
Voodoo Envy 133 (Pre-Production Unit)

Today's very special Gadget Pr0n features the Voodoo Envy, which has yet to be released to the mass market. Will this piece of cutting edge tech revolutionize mobile computing? You'll find out soon enough.

What You Need to Know

  • 0.70" thick; the Lenovo is 0.73" and the Macbook Air at its thickest is 0.76"
  • Not as light as the Air at 3.4lbs., but still it's next to nothing
  • 13.3” screen like the Lenovo
  • Keyboard is widely spaced and has a proximity sensor for the backlight; it also disables the touchpad while you're typing, so you don't accidentally mouse
  • The touchpad is large and supports resizing and scrolling, but the mouse click button is way too thin
  • There's an ambient light sensor to conserve battery, but it flickers a lot
  • Screen is too glossy and really hard to see in daylight
  • It has more ports than the Air, less than the Lenovo, but it has some really cool innovations
  • The power brick has an Ethernet port built-in that basically makes a wireless connection only your Envy can connect to; it's like its own router
  • There is one USB and one external SATA that doubles as a USB
  • HDMI out with an RGB converter
  • It is really fast
  • In our PC Mark Vantage productivity tests, it scored higher than most laptops we've seen at 3,880
  • We weren't able to test the wireless connection or battery life
  • It's almost as sleek as the Air, but nicer than the Lenovo in design


  • With an 80GB hard drive, the Envy starts at $2,100, but the Air is about $1,700
  • Voodoo should make this $1,600, and we'll buy them by the bushel

Overall Rating

  • No rating since it's pre-production


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