Posted: August 5, 2008

Today, we look to the intarwebs to find a media server that will allow you access to your multimedia no matter where you are. It's called Tversity, and it's from the great state of New Jersey.

Tversity will allow you to share your media across several platforms, and then you can acess that media from a mobile device or from your television. It's also detectible from your PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360, and is the only server that will allow you to stream video for those platforms.

Truly a mighty little webtool, Tversity is such a good idea, we've decided to use it here at G4. You will notice the "Tversity" button at the bottom of our podcasts. This will allow you to subscribe to them via Tversity, and view them on the platforms we mentioned, as well as your mobile devices, such as the iPhone and the Blackberry.

Neat, huh?

Go there and check it out!



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