Sony HDX576 Home Theatre System

Posted: July 30, 2008
Sony HDX576 Home Theatre System

Going to the movies has gotten really expensive, but you can save a boatload on admission and popcorn with the Sony HDX576 Home Theatre System. Will it replace your weekend drive to the cineplex? Find out on today's Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need to Know

  • The speakers look kind of cheap, but their size really makes up for it
  • The center channel and surround speakers are only about 3” deep and only weigh 1 lbs. each
  • The front speakers are about the same size as the center speaker, but their base is kind of wide
  • The subwoofer blends in at just 15” high and a foot away from the wall
  • There's these little cartridges you plug in to each Sony device you want to stream
  • Just put one in the DVD player and one in the wireless receiver for the speakers, and you're done
  • They also include another wireless receiver that acts as a controller for the player and a standalone music streamer
  • There's no calibration or wireless network problems; it's all really simple
  • Plus, these are some of the best wireless surround speakers we've ever heard; there is no hiss or noticeable drop in quality
  • As with the Sony Soundbar we reviewed awhile back, the center channel sound needs a little bump in volume
  • The lows are excellent from the sub, and the mids are extremely clear
  • It didn't seem as loud as the soundbar, but it's definitely loud enough
  • The 5-disc upscaling 1080p DVD player does give you better video quality
  • The wireless system works well and they give you an extra receiver
  • You could get a better sounding Panasonic or JVC system for less, but they don't come with the extras


  • $450
  • On the whole it’s worth the price

Overall Rating

  • 83% (3 Seals of Approval)




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