Wacky T-Shirts

Posted: July 29, 2008
Wacky T-Shirts

Your clothes speak volumes about you, but what do they say? In today's Attack This we'll show you where to get T-Shirts that will express what you're trying to get out there.

JINX.COM – We're all familiar with their "nerd" shirts. But there's a whole new world of gamer friendly smocks for you to don.

FLASHWEAR.COM – This site specializes in light-up clothing, including wi-fi detecting shirts, graphic EQ shirts that animate depending on ambient noise, and sweet digital clock shirts.

T-SHIRTHELL.COM - The most gloriously offensive of this bunch - but in a very good way.  Great for gifts or just to piss off your folks at Thanksgiving.  I Plane NY FTW!

SONICSHACK.COM – Customize your apparel with online designers who incorporate your own graphics. Shirts, sweaters, hats, and more can be ordered individually so there's high cost due to mass production.



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