Roku Netflix Set Top Box

Posted: July 8, 2008
Roku Netflix Set Top Box

The Roku Netflix Set Top Box allows you to stream over 10,000 movies and television shows to your TV, and it's what we're unnaturally fixated on as we objectify it for Gadget Pr0n.

What You Need to Know

  • Set up is really easy
  • You just connect it via Ethernet or G Wireless (should be N) and activate it on the Netflix site
  • It has composite, component, optical audio, and HDMI out, so there are plenty of options for video
  • Start adding movies to your Instant Queue
  • To get movies instantly you go to the Watch Instantly tab of your Netflix account and browse around or search
  • Click Add to Instant and within just a few seconds it's added to your Instant Queue on the box
  • You can remove from your queue on the box, but you can’t add; You have to do that on the internet
  • Watch the movie; it takes about 30 seconds to buffer initially, but after that, you’re off and running
  • On a cable internet line, it works excellent; a 1.6 megabit line or higher will get you the highest video quality
  • One thing that was a little weird was trying to skip ahead in the movie; it shows you frames in 10 second intervals but it's tough to see where you're actually at in the movie
  • Netflix is working to get the newest stuff available, but there are some snags
  • They have a lot of titles available and you’ll never run out of content, but the newest movies aren't on there because of broadcast licenses
  • Television series are not under those restrictions and they have a lot of really new TV shows like Dexter, Weeds, 30 Rock, The Office, Heroes, etc.
  • HD content and 5.1 surround sound are also coming, but right now it's barely DVD quality


  • $100
  • For Netflix customers this is a good purchase, but it will take more content to convince everyone
  • You can't beat the instant aspect of it; conceivably you could watch movies all the time for as little as $9 a month; no mail, no waiting
  • The content and quality just isn’t there yet, but this box may be a reason to get a Netflix account if you just like watching movies a lot


Overall Rating

  • 86% rating (3.5 Seals of Approval)




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