Motorola Bluetooth Speaker, Jawbone and Nokia Headsets

Posted: June 30, 2008
Motorola Bluetooth Speaker, Jawbone and Nokia Headsets

In light of the California state law that makes it manditory to own hands-free devices, we look at some of the best in Bluetooth technology, including offerings from Motorola, Jawbone and Nokia.

Motorola Bluetooth Speaker

What You Need to Know

  • It gets the job done
  • The subtle gray color helps it blend in
  • Big buttons make it easy to use
  • It clips on to your visor, and doesn't slide off; it may seem like it's too far away to carry on a conversation comfortably, but that never really becomes a problem
  • Talks to you and tells you what FM frequencies are open, and interrupts music so you can take calls while playing music
  • Also tells you what phone number is calling
  • Has enough range so there isn't much static on your radio

Overall Rating

  • 83% (3 Seals of Approval)


What You Need to Know

  • Good for the most part
  • The setup and pairing were a pain because of the buttons
  • They're hidden on the headset, so this contributes to a nice design, but you are always accidentally pressing them, or you don't know if you're pushing the right ones
  • The LED is inconspicuous
  • The noise assassin button made a noticeable difference in call quality
  • It didn't have the best audio of what we tested, but it easily made for the most audible calls

Overall Rating

  • 88% (3.5 Seals of Approval)


Nokia Headset

  • The screen makes everything easier
  • It tells you what steps to take to pair
  • If you have a Nokia phone like the N95 it will sync with your recent and missed calls so you can make calls directly from the headset
  • It also gives you a lot of other indicators like battery, time stamps, and unread messages
  • Sound quality wise it was the best of the three we reviewed
  • It's an all around great device, but it does look sort of large in your ear

Overall Rating

  • 87% (3.5 Seals of Approval)





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