Westinghouse 52" LCD HDTV

Posted: June 20, 2008
Westinghouse 52" LCD HDTV

What You Need to Know

  • It's black and glossy but feels a little plasticy
  • It's subtle and doesn't stand out in your living room
  • About 10” deep at its deepest point, but this is to hold all of the inputs; all of them are side mounted and this makes it really easy to mount against a wall
  • 4 HDMI
  • 2 component's
  • S-video
  • Composite
  • USB
  • VGA for a laptop
  • All the bases are covered
  • For the most part the menus are easy to navigate
  • Everything is in an easy to read drop down that allows you to configure a ton of settings
  • It has an auto detect feature for different sources but sometimes it doesn't know which one to use; it's just easier to switch from the menu
  • You almost got the feeling of surround sound out of just a few speakers
  • Normally, you need a home theatre system along with a TV to really do it justice, but you may not have to worry about it with this one
  • The colors were a bit washed out, but not bad by any means
  • The 5000 to 1 contrast properly displayed blacks
  • It also has an adjustable blacklight, but there were still slight screen fades in the corners


  • LCD prices are going way down, and Samsung has a 52” with 120 hertz refresh for $300 more
  • You do get a lot for your money from Westinghouse though
  • $1700

Overall rating

  • 84% (3.5 Seals of Approval)


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