Pacemaker Pocket DJ

Posted: June 10, 2008
Pacemaker Pocket DJ

We know that the only thing you’ve ever scratched is the glass front of your iPhone, but that’s about to change. Thanks to the Pacemaker Pocket DJ you’ll be able to mix music like the one and only DJ Muggs. Technology has eliminated the need for talent!

Pacemaker Pocket DJ

What You Need to Know

  • It's basically an MP3 player with a 120 gig hard drive that has two channels
  • You can cross fade between each channel using the line out, and you can cue up each channel with headphones
  • This allows you to match beats on both channels and mix
  • The Pacemaker editor helps you figure out how many beats per minute each track is
  • You drop all your music into the software and it calculates your bpms; the software takes way too long to do this, and it's not the most accurate
  • Once you know how fast or slow the songs are, you can do all your mixing from the software
  • Visually, it's really easy to match beats by dragging the bpm line up or down to speed up or slow down
  • Add effects like filters, loops, and cross-fades
  • The software supports all of the functions the Pacemaker itself has, so you can save mixes on the device or upload them to the Pacemaker site
  • Select a channel, double tap the touch pad, and call up a song on each
  • Each button has a million different functions depending on if you're holding up the pacemaker switch on the side
  • Match the bpms, cue the track in your headphones, and play it according to the other channel's beat
  • If you want to do effects, you have to know the combination of touching on the pad; it's the same with lots of other functions, and this is where it becomes not a beginner device


  • $950
  • $700 on Pacemaker.net
  • It's not quite available in the states, but we'd like to see the touch pad turn into a touch screen, more buttons and the price drop to about $400


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