SteelSeries Mouse and Keyboard

Posted: June 9, 2008
SteelSeries Mouse and Keyboard

Today, we’ll review the SteelSeries Mouse and Keyboard, the combo that has outclassed those hunks of plastic you call computing peripherals. Toss that keyboard you’ve had since 1990 and take a bold step into the future.

Here is the review from today’s episode of Attack of the Show:

7G Keyboard

What You Need to Know

  • 18 karat gold plated connectors for low latency, so it can support as many simultaneous key presses as there are keys
  • This means you can move in different directions at the same time as far as the game supports it
  • It looks and feels like the keyboards of old: sturdy, thick, and simple
  • It's sort of a nice change from the flashy stuff, though it would be nice to have a backlight
  • There is also no support for macro-ing


  • $112 for the keyboard online
  • The keyboard is way too much; it performs extremely well, but no macros or a backlight should make it about $70


Ikari Mouse

What You Need to Know

  • We just reviewed the G9 from Logitech last week, and this isn't as customizable, but it's still a great mouse
  • Fits your hand well, and all the buttons are within reach
  • It slides well on any surface
  • The software is easy to use; you can assign macros to any button, but each macro can only have 5 keystrokes or less
  • Sensitivity from 1-3200 DPI can be adjusted on the fly, or you can change the presets in the software
  • Make custom profiles and see which one you're using by looking at the LCD on the bottom


  • $ 65 for the mouse
  • The mouse is a great deal; it's in the price range of comparable Logitechs and Razers


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