Uberclok Gaming Computer

Posted: June 4, 2008
Uberclok Gaming Computer

Chances are, you’ve never had a gaming rig that could even stand in the shadow of the Uberclok Gaming Computer, so you should watch as we dissect it lovingly on today's Gadget Pr0n.

Uberclok Gaming Computer

What You Need to KnowUberclok

  • Just one latch on the back and you're in
  • It's got incredible amounts of room to work, and 10 expansion bays for hard drives, blu-ray burners, that kind of stuff
  • Giant fan on the side, and space for up to five 120 mm fans so cooling is not a problem
  • It's huge and heavy which is a drawback
  • Uberclok gives you a 30-day guarantee to return it no questions asked, and a 3-year warranty means they'll replace any of the parts that burn out
  • It comes with absolutely no pre-installed software, and the fewest running processes we've seen

Price - $2600 and Up

  • Overall, this is the best gaming PC you can buy at this price, short of making it yourself

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