Logitech G9 and diNovo Mini

Posted: May 29, 2008
Logitech G9 and diNovo Mini

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Today we'll review the Logitech G9 laser mouse and the diNovo Mini -- a Bluetooth Mouse / Keyboard combo.

What you need to know: Logitech G9

  • With the Logitech G9 you can change the grip to make it thinner or wider with swappable covers; either one really changes the feel
  • Drop in different weights just like the G5; you have to take off the cover to do this which can be a hassle
  • The thumb buttons on the side are relatively easy to get to; you never bump them accidentally
  • You can macro all the buttons with any action you want
  • Change DPI on the mouse up to 3200 with the plus and minus buttons; you can also customize X or Y axes and polling rate (up to 1000 reports per second)
  • Store up to 5 profiles on the mouse itself, each with different settings
  • Switch between them no matter what computer you're on by holding down the profile key on the bottom and pressing the plus or minus buttons
  • This all adds up to the most customizable mouse we've seen
  • Click one button and build a turret in Team Fortress 2


  • $70
  • The G9 is the cadillac of gaming mice; if you want to spend a little less, buy Logitech's G5, but we think the g9 is the best mouse out there


What you need to know: diNovo Mini

  • It's a Bluetooth mouse slash keyboard combo that is great for controlling Windows Media Center or a PS3
  • The keyboard is basically a great cell phone keyboard; it's backlit and simple to use
  • The trackpad is accurate for the most part
  • The software allows you to change the mouse sensitivity and give the hot keys different actions; we would have liked to see a lot more than 3 hot keys
  • It's easily the most stylish way to control a computer


  • $125
  • The diNovo Mini is a little more pricey, although the design is solid and it works practically perfect, it might be tough to justify the purchase




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