Attack This: You Rich Bastard!

Posted: May 15, 2008
Attack This: You Rich Bastard!

Are you super rich and wondering what you can buy to make your backyard a more palatable place? Sure, we all are. But, what to do about making that backyard a resplendent cornucopia of useless gadgetry? Have not a care, our super rich amigo, AOTS is here to tell you what to buy, in a little segment we like to call Attack This!

Don't worry about thanking us. It's all in a day's work. Besides, who's going to look out for we super rich folk, if we don't do it ourselves?

Solo Lounge Solar Powered Table

Pantel Weatherproof HDTV

Blimp Screen Inflatable Movie Theater

Aquaclimb Rock Climbing Wall



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