Gadget Pr0n: Sony CT100 Sound System

Posted: April 16, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Sony CT100 Sound System

Get your gadget fix three times a week, every Monday, Thursday and Friday right here on Attack of the Blog. Today’s technological marvel is the Sony CT100 Sound System. Here’s what Attack of the Show’s Kevin Pereira had to say about it…

What You Need to Know

  • Sony has the S-Force Pro front surround engine
  • Using all digital sound processing, it generates rear sound from the two front speakers
  • You don't need to position it a certain way or have it bounce off walls
  • It's not as good as actually having speakers behind you, but this virtual surround really does work
  • 3 digital optical 5.1 inputs
  • Left and right composite and a coax
  • 3 HDMIs
  • 1 HDMI out for your TV
  • This means you have to have an HDTV with an HDMI input in order to get sound from this
  • But the amount of inputs is more than enough, and they are all future proof so you'll have the best audio


  • Step 1: take the center channel speaker cable and plug it in to back of subwoofer
  • Step 2: plug in your DVD player to the back
  • Step 3: sit down and watch movie
  • This is the easiest set up you will ever have for a 3.1 surround sound system
  • The set up and input choice alone are almost worth the price, and the audio is incredibly good. The main channel was a little lacking in depth, but bass and treble sounded excellent


  • You can get a true 5.1 home theater system for $400, but speaker wire is everywhere
  • When you can find this for $250, this is the best buy you can make on a compact system
  • Challenge to Sony: make it $200

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