Gadget Pr0n: Garmin Colorado 400t GPS

Posted: April 14, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Garmin Colorado 400t GPS

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Garmin Colorado 400t GPS

  • The rock and roller input wheel at the top is easily reached by your thumb
  • The two shoulder buttons are for other options
  • You'll be using it a lot because of all the menus and submenus to get through
  • It's solid, but the gorgeous 3” screen feels like such a waste because you can't touch it
  • It is waterproof though
  • Topographic maps with 3D view
  • Paperless geocaching (GPS treasure hunt) so you can mark your own waypoints and send them to other Colorado users wirelessly; you can also download geocache points directly to this GPS
  • Hunting and fishing predictions, tide info, compass, trail directions
  • You can track a route to millions of different points of interest by road, trail, or a straight point
  • Maps are incredibly detailed and easy to read whether you're in a big city or on the trail
  • Switch between car and outdoor navigation with profiles, which are easily the coolest part of this device
  • Recreational, marine, auto, geocaching, etc., or you can just make and customize your own
  • This is an all-encompassing GPS; it does pretty much everything you'd want a navigation unit to do
  • If you need the best for an exorbitant price, buy this
  • $500


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