Gadget Pr0n: JVC HD6 Camcorder

Posted: April 10, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: JVC HD6 Camcorder

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JVC HD6 Camcorder

  • It's comfortable to hold and not too heavy
  • The strap is a little lower than we'd like
  • If you adjusted the camera in your hand, sometimes it would automatically turn off because of drop protection
  • Everything is pretty centrally located.
  • Most of the buttons are at your thumb and all easy to reach
  • The rest are inside the LCD
  • The joystick is accurate and simple to use
  • Manual, focus assist, and menu buttons are there as well
  • Essentially everything like white balance, scene select, aperture, focus, etc. Is all part of the joystick
  • There is a feature called focus assist which turns the image to black and white and then applies color to all areas in focus
  • You'll be using this quite a bit because the auto focus is too slow
  • We shot some behind the scenes footage of us being awesome
  • Normal light looks great. Colors are warm and not grainy; very little adjustment out of the box.
  • Low light is sketchy at best. The LCD misrepresents how bright your footage is, so you don't know how dark it really is
  • Overall, image quality is really good, especially since you can watch is in 1080p directly from HDMI
  • $1,100 a lot of money, but you get a lot
  • The hard drive is big enough (120GB) to get 10 hours of full HD; you're boned if you drop it in water and didn't back it up though
  • Records to Micro-SD too
  • Drag and drop video files (Mpeg-2 ts) that play in Windows Media
  • All around great camcorder


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