In Your Pants 04.08.08

Posted: April 8, 2008
In Your Pants 04.08.08

Everyone's favorite pretty lady who talks about sexual issues is back! Anna David will be here live in the studio to answer your questions.

Here's what Anna David has to say about herself:

"Anna David has been on staff at Premiere and Parenting, was a fulltime freelancer at People, wrote a sex and relationship column for Razor, and has also been published in Details, Playboy, Cosmo, Maxim, Stuff, Redbook, Teen Vogue, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Variety, People, Us Weekly, TV Guide,The New York Post, Tatler, Esquire UK, Movieline, LA Confidential, Vegas, and Ocean Drive, among many others.

She's a pop culture expert for The Today Show, appears regularly on Fox Reality Channel's Reality Remix, and has also been featured on ESPN's Cold Pizza, Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, NBC's The Other Half, The Style Network's Modern Girl's Guide to Life, and a collection of shows on VH1 and E! Her first novel, Party Girl, is out now." Read on to see her answers to today's questions.

What’s the best way to start a conversation with a girl at a bar? Do I buy her a drink? Should I make a joke? I’m pretty shy, but I want to start meeting new girls.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: it's not so much what you say as how you say it. There are men I've met who've given me the worst lines in the world but who managed to come off as thoroughly charming because of their personality, and there are guys I've encountered who have dialogue better than the best-written romantic comedy whose delivery is so bad that I was completely turned off.

I think the main point is to just be yourself -- don’t try to come off as the cool, jerky guy because you think that's what girls respond to. While I don't tend to advocate lying, you can always approach a girl you don't know and ask her if you've met her before (mention a specific person you think you "know" her through if you want this line to have some credibility); once you've determined that you haven't, in fact, met before, you're already in there talking to her so you can just plunge ahead.

Another tactic that can work is asking her for her opinion about your shirt, or hat, or belt or shoes -- anything. The point is to get her engaged in a way that doesn't make her feel put on the spot or like you're only talking to her in the hope that she'll sleep with you.



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