Gadget Pr0n: Sony T300

Posted: April 7, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Sony T300


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Sony T300

  • You usually have to give it a good tap or two to make the touch screen do anything
  • Not nearly as sensitive as the iPhone
  • It's nice to have every part of the screen touchable, meaning you can change settings through the menu or with one tap
  • The menus are convoluted and sometimes tough to determine which setting is where
  • There isn't much room for your fingers since the entire back is the screen
  • Your thumb gets in the shot a lot
  • However, the 5x zoom rocker is great on the corner, and only two buttons (image mode and power) are convenient
  • Press the shutter button once to make the camera start detecting a smile
  • A little progress bar tells you how much it's finding one, and it snaps the picture at just the right time
  • Works almost perfect, and even for multiple faces
  • It's definitely not the best image quality we've seen
  • Normal light photos had a softer look around edges, maybe to hide pixelation
  • Noise was prevalent in any light
  • 16x 9 looked good, but we were disappointed in general quality
  • This camera has most point and shoots beat on features: in-camera editing, great image stabilization and smile detection, and fast picture taking are huge advantages.
  • If only it had a better lens, we could justify the money spent; $300 and we're sold, but it retails for $380


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