Gadget Pr0n: Canon HV30

Posted: March 27, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Canon HV30


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Canon HV30

  • You don't realize how much easier it is to use until you use a lot of other camcorders
  • Everything is virtually at your fingertips
  • Menu button and joystick are right at your thumb and very tactile
  • The zoom rocker, photo, and manual buttons are near your index finger
  • You very rarely need to take your hand out of the strap
  • The tape cover feels a little cheap, but overall it's solid
  • It has a 10x optical zoom which is pretty tight
  • If you actually use the eye-cup while zooming, you have very little shake, and with the LCD, there still isn't much
  • Canon has really nailed this technology
  • Instant auto focus gives you a great depth of feel.
  • Very intuitive sense of what should be in focus and what shouldn't automatically
  • It had a little trouble finding focus in low light
  • Looks excellent in good light
  • Low light and medium light was sort of grainy but the LED on the camera helped to eliminate some of that
  • It’s a good choice for image quality
  • However, it records to MiniDV which means you have to digitize footage rather than just dragging and dropping files
  • We beg you Canon, make a high def camcorder with this quality that shoots directly to Mpeg-4 on a hard drive so all we have to do is copy files
  • $900


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