Gadget Pr0n: Virgin Wild Card Phone

Posted: March 24, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Virgin Wild Card Phone


Virgin Mobile WildCard

  • It's like the LG Voyager's little brother
  • Fold open phone with two screens and a full keyboard inside
  • Has the same silver navigation pad both inside and out; it's easy to use but all the buttons look and feel plasticy
  • The only real complaint would be that the screen inside is too small
  • There's a lot more real estate that could have been taken up
  • It's less than an inch thick and only about 4 inches long, so it's small, but has enough bulk. A lot of phones these days are too small
  • Surprisingly the keyboard is great
  • Even though the keys feel kind of cheap too, they are spaced out well and typing on it feels natural
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with a flash; it beats the Voyager here because of all the different tweaks like white balance, low light mode, multishot, etc.
  • Bluetooth, AIM, and mobile email
  • Also has the web but it's way too slow to make it worth the extra few bucks per megabyte that you have to pay
  • $20 for 200 minutes, $30 for 400, or $50 for 1000
  • $10 on top of that for unlimited text and messaging
  • You can also have month to month plans that are reasonable like $25 for 200 minutes and 500 7pm night and weekend
  • This is an excellent alternative to getting roped in to a contract
  • The wild card gets the job done, but it's not your highest class phone

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