In Your Pants

Posted: March 18, 2008
In Your Pants

Everyone's favorite pretty lady who talks about sexual issues is back! Anna David will be here live in the studio to answer your questions.

Here's what Anna David has to say about herself:

"Anna David has been on staff at Premiere and Parenting, was a fulltime freelancer at People, wrote a sex and relationship column for Razor, and has also been published in Details, Playboy, Cosmo, Maxim, Stuff, Redbook, Teen Vogue, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Variety, People, Us Weekly, TV Guide,The New York Post, Tatler, Esquire UK, Movieline, LA Confidential, Vegas, and Ocean Drive, among many others.

She's a pop culture expert for The Today Show, appears regularly on Fox Reality Channel's Reality Remix, and has also been featured on ESPN's Cold Pizza, Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, NBC's The Other Half, The Style Network's Modern Girl's Guide to Life, and a collection of shows on VH1 and E! Her first novel, Party Girl, is out now." Read on to see Anna's answers to today's questions.

Do ribbed or studded condoms really enhance a woman’s pleasure?

While ads for those condoms will tell you otherwise, my extremely unscientific research has led me to believe that the answer is no. Most women just aren't sensitive enough down there to be able to tell the difference between one condom and the next (although I have a friend who swears by the extra sensitive condoms because they're much thinner and she says it feels less like the guy is wearing a condom).

You have slightly better chances of the girl feeling the studded condoms (the ones with "sensi-dots" on them) but again, most women just don't have the kind of sensitivity down there that you imagine they do. 

What are “crabs”?
Crabs, otherwise knows as lice, are parasitic insects that feast on the hair and skin; when you have them, they'll be feeding off of your blood between four and five times a day. This is different from the head lice kids tend to get, and people tend to have them in the genital area (you can also get them in the eyelashes, on stomach hair, in eyebrows, or on a beard or moustache).

If you think you feel something itchy down there, you can feel around to see if there are anything; since they grow from nit to nymph to adult, if you don't get treated right away, happen to have a microscope around, and can stomach it, apparently gazing at one will show you that they come by their name honestly because each looks just like what it is: a miniscule crab.

But if you actually think you've got this, either go to a doctor or just get some over-the-counter Permethrin cream. Wash whatever sheets and towels you've been in contact with and continue to apply the cream for 10 days (if you still have them after that, you need to repeat the treatment).

At the risk of stating the obvious, I should add that crabs are almost always spread through sexual contact -- though people can also get it from being exposed to the sheets or towels of someone who has them (but that's rare because they can't live for very long away from a warm body). In other words: the I-got-it-from-a-toilet-seat excuse may not work on this one.



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