Gadget Pr0n: B-70 Breathalyzer

Posted: March 18, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: B-70 Breathalyzer

Every now and again we like to slow things down, dim the lights, lie down by the fireplace (perhaps put on some Barry White) and play with our gadgets. That’s not code for anything; we mean it in a literal sense, so put the whipped cream and strawberries back in the fridge.

After you’ve done that, make sure to grab your remote and tune in for an all new Gadget Pr0n. Our tech experts will review all of the sexy tech products that drive the ladies (and tech buffs) wild.

Today, they'll review the B-70 Breathalyzer.

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B-70 Breathalyzer

  • Uses what's called Blue Fire technology 
  • According to Breathalyzer, 8 years of testing have gone into it; it steadies airflow inside the tester and requires a deep lung air sample 
  • It's not always completely accurate, but most of that is due to user error 
  • Everyone can use it over and over with no mouthpiece replacement and you can also see how many tests were performed by holding down the power button 
  • Great drinking game 
  • Makes drinking a lot more safe, because you'll know for sure if you're over the limit 
  • $80




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