Attack This: Home Installations

Posted: March 6, 2008
Attack This: Home Installations

Home owners (specifically home owners and not renters), it’s time to spice up your domicile, not with a new rug or carpet, but with pricey installations that will make you the envy of musicians, pro-bowlers and miniature golf enthusiasts everywhere.

Today’s items are more than cool trinkets or gadgets you plug into your PC, they’re products and house installations that will permanently imbue your house with a touch of class (or touch of ridiculousness if you decide to get an Incredible Hulk miniature golf course).

So, if you own a home and are really committed to the idea of impressing your neighbors, then get shopping!

Black Light Mini Golf Course 

Custom & Residential Bowling Lane 

Books by the Foot 

Beolab 5  




Attack This

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