Gadget Pr0n: Zoom H2 Recorder

Posted: March 5, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Zoom H2 Recorder

Sound. It's great. You use it everyday, but how can you get that sound and keep it for yourself? You could just record it with a regular old recorder, but that's not good enough for us.

Enter the Zoom H2 Recorder, which promises to record sound on 4 channels so you can capture 5.1 surround sound. How does it handle this challenge?

Find out on Gadget Pr0n.

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  • Records in 320Kbps MP3 or CD Quality WAV
  • Four Microphones for 2 or 4 channel recording.
  • Create 5.1 Surround Sound
  • A-V Line out
  • USB for drag-and-drop file access
  • Line in for external microphone or source
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Deals with loud noise well
  • Picks up sound from 50 feet away
  • $180 MSRP



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