Gadget Pr0n: HELIO Mysto

Posted: March 3, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: HELIO Mysto

Technology moves and it moves fast. One day you’re feeling like hot stuff because you’re the only guy strutting around with a beige cell phone that’s the size of a brick and the next day all of your friends are laughing at you because you’ve got no idea what a Bluetooth headset is.

Nobody wants to get left behind, but with new technological marvels hitting store shelves every day, how are you supposed to figure out what smart phone is right for you or which personal media player won’t make you look like a total dork? There’s only one way, watching Gadget Pr0n with the only people who can keep you from being left in the digital dust.

Today, they'll review the HELIO Mysto.

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  • Less than a half an inch thick
  • Weighs less than 3 ounces
  • One of the world's slimmest sliding phones, so of course it fits well in your pocket
  • The touch sensitive controls give you haptic feedback (vibrate) when you hit them, but you are consistently rubbing them accidentally
  • There are no send or receive icons telling you which button does what; to hang-up you have to close the phone or press the tiny red button on the side
  • The keypad itself is bright and stylish, but you hit everything around the number you want to press too
  • Access to popular webmail, instant messaging like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AIM
  • Download thousands of ringtones, videos, music, games, and surf the web
  • Garmin mobile and buddy beacon GPS features with live traffic and weather
  • The 2.2” screen has 262,000 colors for a really vivid experience
  • Everything is on the EV-DO 3G network so downloads are pretty fast
  • For $150 with a contract, the multimedia capabilities and stylish phone outweigh the interface problems



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