Gadget Pr0n: JVC MG330 Camcorder

Posted: February 29, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: JVC MG330 Camcorder

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Our resident tech experts will tee off about all the gadgets that separate us from cavemen, but magically bring us all closer together... over the phone or the internet, not in person or anything.

Tonight they’ll talk about the JVC MG330 Camcorder.

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JVC MG330 Camcorder

  • Has 30GB hard drive
  • Excellent form factor made it easy to hold and use
  • Great for traveling because you don't have to mess with tapes; holds up to 7 hours of high quality, 37 hours of low quality
  • It'll fit in a jacket pocket
  • Laser touch interface took a little getting used to, because you have to tap your finger on the sidebar while hitting buttons below the menu
  • Only thing easier would have been a touch screen, but this interface works well to save space
  • Backlight for screen in the daylight
  • Really great, 35x optical zoom
  • Shoots well in low light
  • Still camera takes pictures to micro-SD, only VGA quality
  • The perfect family cam; no tapes, plug it right into your Mac and iMovie or iPhoto knows what to do right away- incredibly small
  • One button direct to hard drive or DVD using JVC Sharestation ($200)
  • I think it's even worth $400, but if you really know the internets you can find it for $299 online



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