Gadget Pr0n: TWP-800 Tri Band Wrist Watch Phone

Posted: February 27, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: TWP-800 Tri Band Wrist Watch Phone

Every now and again we like to slow things down, dim the lights, lie down by the fireplace (perhaps put on some Barry White) and play with our gadgets. That’s not code for anything; we mean it in a literal sense, so put the whipped cream and strawberries back in the fridge.

After you’ve done that, make sure to grab your remote and tune in for an all new Gadget Pr0n. Our own tech experts will review all of the sexy tech products that drive the ladies (and tech buffs) wild.

Today, they'll review the TWP-800 Tri Band Wrist Watch Phone.

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TWP-800 Tri Band Wrist Watch Phone

  • There is no camera so no picture or video functionality
  • It is however a fully functional phone on your wrist
  • The touch screen display is cool, but not accurate at all; the icons are extremely small and you are consistently hitting the wrong things
  • You have to pick at it with your fingernail, and don't even try touching it with the flat of your finger
  • The buttons on the side only go up and down, not side to side
  • It is only a speaker phone, unless you use the bluetooth headset they include
  • The speaker phone is really loud and the call quality is excellent
  • It might get annoying talking into your watch, but you're definitely gonna get some looks
  • Everyone can hear you conversation
  • GPRS internet (general packet radio service), but you have to sign up for that service thru your carrier using GSM (global system for mobile communications)
  • Audio and video player with USB connection and it's really easy to drop files on to this phone using a PC
  • Games, organizer, Bluetooth
  • If you want to have a novelty phone, it'll be fun, but it's not stylish after a bit of using it
  • If they cleaned up the physical design of the phone and made it thinner, this could be an option for a lot of people, plus it needs to not be red



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