The Loop: Screen Size Does Matter

Posted: February 26, 2008
The Loop: Screen Size Does Matter

There are more places to find entertainment than there have ever been. Not only do hundreds of television networks compete for your attention on a daily basis, an ever increasing number of web based television shows try to draw your eyes as well. Still, there seems to be a great divide between traditional TV shows and web based ones. However, one show may break down that barrier forever.

Tonight, Quarterlife makes its debut on network television after spending about a year as an eight minute, web exclusive program. What does mean for internet based shows? Will more of them make the leap from the web to the TV? More immediately, will Quarterlife succeed outside of MySpace?

To answer those questions, we’ll welcome Editor for IGN TV, Eric Goldman and Director of the online series, We Need Girlfriends, Brian Amyot.




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