The Loop: A Little Too Juicy...

Posted: February 25, 2008
The Loop: A Little Too Juicy...

Though we’re sure most people use the internet to search for Pr0n, some use the wondrous communications tool to do something much more productive and life affirming, gossip. As if those tasty morsels about other people’s lives didn’t spread fast enough the old fashioned way, the internet has increased the spread of gossip exponentially.

Of course, we all know the rumors aren’t always true, but what’s another salacious lie about Britney Spears going to hurt? It probably wouldn’t hurt her, but it could hurt an innocent college student if he or she was accused of doing something untoward and immoral. That’s why several universities have imposed a ban on the college-centric gossip website, Juicy Campus. While on one hand, such an act flies in the face of freedom of speech, it also protects (innocent) people from public slander and humiliation. Should Juicy Campus be expelled?

Today’s guests will include the Host of The Sound of Young America podcast and radio show, Jesse Thorn and Attorney, Jerry S. Goldman, Esquire.




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