Gadget Pr0n: Samsung HT-BD2 Blu-Ray Home Theater

Posted: February 21, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Samsung HT-BD2 Blu-Ray Home Theater

Alright, put that Hi8 camcorder away, stop listening to those cassette tapes and for the love of Blu-ray, hide that Betamax player!

There’s no reason to hang on to technology from the 80’s (or the 90’s for that matter). We understand, years ago, before AOTS, there was no way you could know that laser discs weren’t going to make a comeback.

Now, there are people here to help you sort that kind of stuff out. Please, accept their help. You don’t want your friends and family to perform a gadget intervention, do you?

Today, they'll review the Samsung HT-BD2 Blu-Ray Home Theater.

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Samsung HT-BD2 Blu-Ray Home Theater

  • Two compact surround speakers you can mount on the wall behind you, or just put on an end table
  • Four Tallboy speakers about five feet tall, two in the front and two in the back; they are sleek, sturdy, and blend in but may be a little conspicuous behind your couch
  • Center channel speaker fits pretty much anywhere
  • 35 lb. Subwoofer is unobtrusive
  • Everything is finished in a glossy black which really gives it style
  • The Blu-ray player itself is long and flat for easy integration into your home entertainment system, plus it looks frickin’ sweet
  • Outputs in 1080p. We watched Pirates 3 on Blu-ray, out now from Walt Disney Pictures, and it looked terrific, plus it upconverts regular DVDs to 1080p, so everything is in high definition using an HDMI out port
  • Set up was extremely easy; each speaker wire is color coded so you know where to plug it in the back
  • RCA and component out, and it has a stereo auxiliary in
  • 2 digital optical in ports
  • LAN port for firmware updates
  • This one doesn't have many inputs just like most home theaters, so you'll have to plug other video devices into your TV
  • It's 7.1 so you have the ultimate in surround sound as well as high definition picture
  • This thing pumps: we got the volume up half-way and the floor was shaking
  • That said, the bass and treble were not as clear as some other home theaters we've reviewed, but overall we were pleased with the sound quality
  • This really is an excellent home theater system, and since it's the first Blu-ray one, early adopters are all over it
  • The cheapest Blu-ray players run you about three to four hundred, and a nice audio system is about six hundred
  • You might be paying a little too much for the BD2, but once it hits the market, we're hoping the price will drop to about a thousand from $1500 and after that, it's a no-brainer



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