Gadget Pr0n: Amazon Kindle

Posted: February 1, 2008
Gadget Pr0n: Amazon Kindle

Have you ever gone into an electronics store looking for a piece of equipment, lets say a 1080p TV set, to complement your swank bachelor pad and had the salesman try to sell you an over priced, under performing piece of crap? Who cares if he has one of them at home?

From the moment he opens his mouth you get the feeling that he's trying harder to make a sale than he is to help you. We know that sucks and that’s why we came up with Gadget Pr0n. We’re here to inform and enlighten you about all things electronic. Plus, you can trust us, because we don’t get paid based on commission.

On today's show, we'll review the Amazon Kindle.

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Amazon Kindle

  • Display is called E-ink technology, which is easy to read even in direct sunlight
  • No backlight though
  • When you go from page to page, there is a little lag, but you adapt to it
  • Weighs about 10 ounces, so it's got the same weight as a paperback
  • Rubberized back with an ergonomic design, but the large page buttons on the side of it get bumped way too easy when you're holding it
  • The leather casing it comes with feels sort of cheap
  • Rubber scroll and click wheel feels very tactile
  • The scrolling indicator moves to each part of a menu in order to select it
  • Full keyboard with lots of shortcuts is nice to type on
  • The next and previous page buttons are handy
  • It can hold magazines and newspapers
  • Amazon's Whispernet allows you wireless access to download thousands of titles, blogs, magazines, and newspapers anywhere you get a cell phone signal, not Wi-Fi
  • Built-in 185 MB of memory plus an SD card slot so lots of room for expansion
  • Scaled down web browser as well as Wikipedia access
  • Music player that plays MP3's
  • New hardcovers books are about $10, with magazines and blogs ranging from 50 cents to two or three bucks; New York Times Monthly subscription is about $14, but some of this you can get for free on the internet
  • Kindle store is extremely easy to shop in, so money goes fast
  • The Kindle is an incredible device, but way too much. It needs to be about half as much (same with their content), and it’s just another thing to carry around
  • $400



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