Gadget Pr0n: Second Generation Zune

Posted: November 28, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: Second Generation Zune

If it’s the next big thing in technology, we know about it. If it’s the gadget that everyone craves, we’ll review it. If it’s the tech that you just can’t live without, we will bring it to you live and direct in Gadget Pr0n.

We’re the only ones that can help the Average Joe separate the slick gadgets from silicon crap and today, we’re going to review the second generation Zune.

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Second Generation Zune

  • In design, it’s definitely improved over the first one
  • 4 and 8 gigabyte sizes make for a compact device
  • Glass 1.8 inch screen as opposed to plastic is actually a good size
  • Silver matte finish (which you can get laser engraved at zuneoriginals.net)
  • Touch pad navigation
  • It’s great. slide your finger vertically or horizontally and click in the middle to navigate menus. the Center click is not defined as much as we'd like
  • The text is large enough to make even the small screen easy to read, so navigation is some of the simplest we've seen
  • FM radio
  • Audio supports mp3 and wma, even aac
  • Pictures and video in widescreen (h.264, wmv and mpeg-4)
  • 320 by 240 resolution at 30 frames per second
  • Wi-fi allows you to sync content from your pc over your home network but doesn't download. (ipod doesn't sync, downloads)
  • Also allows you to share music and photos wirelessly with other zune users
  • No equalizer, but does come with high-quality earbuds and regular earbuds
  • Added podcast support
  • Rated battery life is 24 hours for audio, higher than most flash based players
  • Zune is selling really well on amazon and other retailers, mainly because of its price. $149 for 4 gb, about $180 for 8 gb, $249 for 80 gb.
  • Love the wireless sync and sharing, fm radio, but lacks tv or movies in the zune marketplace, no Mac support.
  • Still not on ipod's level, but it's getting there faster than expected



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