Gadget Pr0n: Infinity Cascade Loudspeaker System

Posted: November 27, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: Infinity Cascade Loudspeaker System

Technology moves and it moves fast. One day you’re feeling like hot stuff because you’re the only guy strutting around with a beige cell phone that’s the size of a brick and the next day all of your friends are laughing at you because you’ve got no idea what a Bluetooth headset is.

Nobody wants to get left behind, but with new technological marvels hitting store shelves every day, how are you supposed to figure out what smart phone is right for you or which personal media player won’t make you look like a total dork? There’s only one way, watching Gadget Pr0n with the only  people who can keep you from being left in the digital dust.

Today, they'll review the Infinity Cascade Loudspeaker System.

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Infinity Cascade Loudspeaker System

  • This is quite possibly the best audio experience you'll be able to find for your living room
  • High-performance flat-panel audio
  • Thin, sleek, solid design
  • New technology isn't cheap
  • These will look great in any living room!
  • Retail cost of about $5,894.00 dollars
  • Pre sub woofer/center speaker is probably the most impressive piece in this system
  • Model fifteen subwoofer
  • 800-watt amplifier
  • 1500 bucks; 98 pounds
  • Room adaptive bass optimization system (r.a.b.o.s.)
  • Extremely thin for a sub
  • Powerful bass
  • We had two model nine front channel, and two model seven satellite speakers.
  • Model sevens have easy, one step assembly
  • Heavy aluminum stands provide a resonance free foundation
  • Features "m-r-s" (maximum radiating surface)
  • Flat-panel drivers with one inch tweeters
  • Really nothing to compare them to:
  • A bit expensive;
  • Worth every penny if you're looking for high end system
  • Available in real-wood cherry veneer, high-gloss black, or high-gloss silver finish



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