The Loop: One Console World

Posted: November 8, 2007
The Loop: One Console World

The console war rages on and some would say that there are more casualties of this war than Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Game developers have to design games made for three different, major platforms, which is not only expensive, but time consuming. That means that gamers have to pay more for games and wait longer for them to be released.

The Vice President of EA, Gerhard Florin believes that there should be one standard gaming platform, while typical consumers might argue that the competition is healthy, because it forces developers to be innovative and original. Both arguments have merit, but when all is said and done, do gamers want a one console world?

Debating the issue, we’ll have N'Gai Croal, Editor for Newsweek’s gaming blog, Level Up and Scott Steinberg, Publisher for Digital Trends.




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