The Loop: Hulu-Baloo

Posted: November 1, 2007
The Loop: Hulu-Baloo

The most popular video site on the internet is now being challenged by a powerful, new contender for the throne and we’re not talking about Google Video.

Hulu, NBC’s answer to YouTube is primed and ready to become the net’s number one destination for original video content, but not the random, “guy gets hit in the groin by a football” kind, prime time network shows (including G4 programming).

It sounds ideal, but this wouldn’t be the first ideal venture to go awry (recall the launch of the supposedly unsinkable ocean liner, the Titanic). Will Hulu become a success?

To debate the issue, we’ll welcome Editor for Newteevee and Staff Writer for GigaOm, Lizz Gannes and Wired contributor, Terrence Russell.




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