The Loop: One On One with Alex Roy

Posted: October 18, 2007
The Loop: One On One with Alex Roy

There’s something really macho and almost romantic about illegal street racing. In an age where doctors, lawyers and pharmacists are the only ones who can afford new Harleys, it’s nice to know that there are still American badasses out there.

We're talking about real tough-guy, gear heads who have the guts to jump into their gas guzzling, fume spewing muscle cars and risk life and limb (not to mention arrest) in an attempt to achieve asphalt glory.

We’ll speak with one such speed demon, the seven time Road Rally Champion, Cannonball Run (the real thing, not the movie) record holder and winner of last year’s Gumball 3,000, Alex Roy.

For a look at Alex Roy’s exploits, wander over to 32 Hours 7 Minutes.




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