Posted: October 16, 2007

As if AOTS weren't enough to keep you glued to your couch, Film Threat's Chris Gore, co-author of The Complete DVD Book is stopping by to tell you about the latest DVDs, ones so awesome and all consuming they'll make you forget even the memory of the outdoors.

On today's show Chris will review Transformers, Planet Terror and The TV Set.

NOTE from Chris Gore: The deleted scenes for Transformers are hidden on the two-disc special edition DVD, just as I suspected. A helpful reader told me that these Easter eggs can be found on the second disc. Happy Hunting!

Go to Set Up and press LEFT on the remote. - Under Our World, just press DOWN and you will see an icon appear to the left of the Main Menu instead of the right. - The next one is under Their War. Go down to Inside the Allspark and press LEFT.

The next is a two-step process. Go into the More Than Meets the Eye menu and go to Trailer 4 and press RIGHT on your remote. - There are also extras to be found at the end of the film on disc 1, but you have to watch until the very end to get the Iron Man trailer.

That is all I know about so far, but there might be more. Just thought you might want to know. Use the D-pad on your DVD remote and I'm sure more Transformers Easter eggs can be found. Cool!

--Gore Gone!





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