Gadget Pr0n: iPod Touch

Posted: October 9, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: iPod Touch

Technology moves and it moves fast. One day you’re feeling like hot stuff because you’re the only guy strutting around with a beige cell phone that’s the size of a brick and the next day all of your friends are laughing at you because you’ve got no idea what a Bluetooth headset is.

Nobody wants to get left behind, but with new technological marvels hitting store shelves every day, how are you supposed to figure out what smart phone is right for you or which personal media player won’t make you look like a total dork? There’s only one way, watching Gadget Pr0n with the people who can keep you from being left in the digital dust.

Today, we'll review the iPod Touch.

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iPod Touch

  • The intuitive touch interface (same as the iPhone) makes this iPod the easiest MP3 player to navigateThe giant scratch resistant glass screen really gives the touch a posh feel, not to mention watching wide screen video on it looks tremendous
  • Built in Wi-Fi puts it head and shoulders above the rest by integrating the internet seamlessly into the music and video player
  • Browsing with Safari or YouTubing on a wireless broadband connection in the palm of your hand is extremely satisfying
  • The Wi-Fi iTunes music store practically eliminates the need to plug in to a USB port at all
  • The photo viewer, video player and music player are near perfect after six years of iPod development
  • It doesn’t work as the greatest video player since it has relatively little storage
  • Can’t add events to the built-in calendar
  • No external speakers
  • Apple has a history of upgrading their products immediately after everyone buys one, so you might want to wait until the price goes down or the gigabyte goes up



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