The Feedback Loop: Halo 3

Posted: September 26, 2007
The Feedback Loop: Halo 3

Every day on The Loop we explore and expound on hot topics and current events with the help of a crack panel of experts from every field and background. We count on their insight to make sense of it all and to help us understand the weird, confusing and complex topics that are par for the course on AOTS.

However, sometimes we look to the laymen, the fans, because we know full well that even though all of our viewers aren’t editors for ign or reviewers for Film Threat, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a point of view and something relevant to say.

It’s on these special occasions that we draw a few AOTS devotees out of the crowd, ones we feel give us a fair representation of what most of you think and feel and hear what they, and by proxy, you have to say.

We'll welcome viewers Steve Welsh, Don, Walt Kidwell and Captain Smee and of course, they'll share their reactions to the only game anyone can talk about these days, Halo 3.




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