The Loop: Week In Review

Posted: September 14, 2007
The Loop: Week In Review

We do some amazing things on Attack of the Show every day, but one of the most amazing things we do is cram an entire week’s worth of stories into one segment. How do we do it? That’s not important (though sometimes we impress even ourselves).

What is important is that we bring you the most in depth coverage, complete with expert commentary, of the news stories, trends and current events that are important to you. What other news source in the world would utilize a team of panelists to talk about stuff like portable gaming hardware?

Today, on The Loop, our panel of experts will include Gaming Editor for Big Shot Magazine, Paul Semel, Assistant Editor for Wired, Danny Dumas, and comedian, Doug Benson from Best Week Ever.

They’ll discuss the Iron Man trailer, Sony’s new PSP and the number one film franchise in history, the Harry Potter movies.




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