Gadget Pr0n: Sony PSP 2000

Posted: September 13, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: Sony PSP 2000

Alright, put that Hi8 camcorder away, stop listening to those cassette tapes and for the love of Blu-ray, hide that Betamax player!

There’s no reason to hang on to technology from the 80’s (or the 90’s for that matter). We understand, years ago, before AOTS, there was no way you could know that laser discs weren’t going to make a comeback.

Now, there are people to help you sort out that kind of stuff. Please, accept the help. You don’t want your friends and family to perform a gadget intervention, do you?

Today, we're going to review the new Sony PSP.

Also, are you a friend to the Earth? Then check out GCycle...it's G4's new initiative to try and get you to be a better person and recycle tech stuff!

Sony PSP 2000

  • A good deal lighter and slimmer than old model
  • AV output letting you play games on your TV is major (progressive scan only)
  • Improved memory means improved game load times
  • Controls are more responsive, better D-pad
  • New USB charging feature is unnecessary, as it takes twice as long to charge as standard adapter
  • No improvement in volume
  • Screen is too reflective and picks up fingerprints
  • New game tray feels flimsy
  • We have the Daxter Entertainment Pack, which comes with a Daxter game, a Family Guy UMD video and a 1 gig memory stick for $200
  • You can pick up a PSP only package for $170
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a Star Wars Entertainment Pack next month; it’s a white PSP with a black Darth Vader monogram and comes with Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron



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