Gadget Pr0n: S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Posted: August 3, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones

Have you ever gone into an electronics store looking for a piece of equipment, lets say a 1080p TV set, to complement your swank bachelor pad and had the salesman try to sell you an over priced, under performing piece of crap? Who cares if he has one of them at home?

From the moment he opens his mouth you get the feeling that he's trying harder to make a sale than he is to help you. We know that sucks and that’s why we came up with Gadget Pr0n. We’re here to inform and enlighten you about all things electronic. Plus, you can trust us, because we don’t get paid based on commission.

On today's show, Wil’s going to review Motorola's S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones.

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Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Headphones

  • They only work with phones that support the Bluetooth stereo profile, such as the T-Mobile Dash, the Sprint Mogul, the Nokia N-Series phones and the various RAZRS
  • The headphones work really well
  • Callers couldn’t tell a headset was in use
  • Very comfortable
  • Drop out occurs when using data or Wi-Fi connections
  • The rockers on the earpieces control volume and skip through tracks
  • Other buttons answer and end calls, as well as stop and start tracks
  • You can find them at the official Motorola online store for $149.99




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