Gadget Pr0n: Sprint Mogul

Posted: July 23, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: Sprint Mogul

You know how you have to sit down with your mom for like the hundredth time to teach her how to check her cell phone messages or how bewildered your dad gets when you tell him that he has to download the latest version of java?

Sorry to say it, but your parents are techtarded (or technologically handicapped for the politically correct) and you will be one day too unless you keep watching Gadget Pr0n.

You don't want to end up like grandma, do you? No, you don't want to get so out of touch with technology that you start to believe that PDAs are powered by ghosts.

On today's Gadget Pr0n Wil's going to review the Sprint Mogul.

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Sprint Mogul

  • Full QWERTY keyboard is nice
  • It’s a big phone
  • Designed for heavy text and e-mail users
  • Has windows media player, so most file types work
  • Supports DRM files
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Will Support Sprint Music Store after fall upgrades
  • Micro SD Card slot can hold up to 2GB
  • Catch Speaker is crappy
  • Other features include Google Maps, Sprint’s On Demand Portable and Adobe Reader
  • Java friendly, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • $400 with two year contract



Gadget Pr0n

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