Gadget Pr0n: HTC Touch

Posted: July 20, 2007
Gadget Pr0n: HTC Touch

If it’s the next big thing in technology, Wil knows about it. If it’s the gadget that everyone’s going to crave, Wil’s going to review it. If it’s the tech that you just can’t live without, Wil will bring it to you live and direct in Gadget Pr0n.

He’s the only guy that can help the Average Joe separate the slick gadgets from silicon crap.

Today, Wil’s going to review the HTC Touch.

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HTC Touch.

  • Windows Mobile 6 Smart Phone
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2 Megapixel Camera
  • Unlocked Tri-band GSM World Phone
  • Touch edge support
  • Comes with 1GB Micro SD card
  • $600



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