The Loop: Week in Review

Posted: June 22, 2007
The Loop: Week in Review

The week is drawing to a close and we bet you’re looking forward to just shutting your brain off, turning your game console on and forgetting all about your cares.

That’s great, but before you let the memory of this week fade away like some fleeting dream, take some time to sit down with us and ponder the events that shaped the world these past five days.

Today, we’ll talk about the delay of Will Wright’s masterwork in progress, Spore,  Blockbuster’s decision to carry Blu-ray and not HD-DVDs, the leak of Michael Moore’s upcoming documentary, Sicko and the international bans on Manhunt 2.

Our expert panelists today will be film reviewer Chris Gore and Penthouse magazine’s senior videogames editor, Rebecca Swanner.




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