The Loop: iPhone: Dialed In or Already Disconnected?

Posted: June 12, 2007
The Loop: iPhone: Dialed In or Already Disconnected?

Man, that Apple has got it going on! First, they release a personal media player that everybody wants, the iPod and now they're releasing a communications device that almost everyone thinks they can't live without, the iPhone.

Steve Jobs would have you believe it’s the Cadillac of phones, or does he want you to think it’s the Swiss army knife of phones? Maybe it’s both.

It’s sleek and stylish like a caddy and like the knife that hails from the most neutral country on earth, it does a million different things. The question is, can it do all of those things well?

Debating the topic on today’s The Loop will be a panel of experts including editor for CrunchGear.com, Seth Porges, as well as the iPhone contributor for the New York Post and author of Pocket’s Guide to the iPhone, Damon Brown.




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