Over time, gameplay may fade but the stories and characters within these games lives on forever. Now, 32 of the most popular video game stories are trading blows in our Videogame Deathmatch for The Greatest Story Ever Told. Vote now and vote often to make sure your voice is heard so that your favorite game story can be crowned #1.

Final Round Battle: Complete

The final round is upon us. Will you vote for Shepherd? For hope, and for the future? For the Normandy? For romance options? Or do you love Kratos, the God of War, with his Blades of Chaos and thirst for revenge? Only you can choose the winner, so vote now.

Round Four Battles: Complete

KOTOR's choice system allows you to choose between righteous Jedi or vengeful Sith. God of War lets you chose between different types of blades. Whether you wield a lightsaber or the blades of chaos, both of these games will keep you at the edge of your seat.
Zelda versus Mass Effect Two of the greatest action-RPGs ever created are going head to head. Commander Shepard may have the Normandy on her side, but Link has a pink fairy. Their fate is in your hands.

Round Three Battles: Complete

This battle pits Star Wars history vs. the time travelers of Chrono Trigger. Does the Japanese RPG have what it takes to defeat the Sith and Jedi of KOTOR? Only you can decide which tale you prefer!
The rage-filled violence of God of War revolutionized video game combat, but does the story of Kratos fighting the gods hold up against the nuanced, undersea Art Deco world of Bioshock? Cast your vote!
Both Planescape and Ocarina of Time have been hailed as the greatest games of their respective genres, but only one will survive as having the greatest story. Is it Zelda's classic hero's tale, or the more heady, dark tale of Planescape's Nameless One?
Two sci-fi juggernauts meet in this battle for the ages. Halo's straight ahead style of story-telling will meet the circuitous RPG narrative style of Mass Effect in this fight for ultimate story supremacy!

Round Two Battles: Complete

When it comes to Diablo 2 vs. Knights of the Old Republic it's the battle of good and evil vs. good or evil. Which side will you choose? And more importantly, which will you vote for?
It's the battle of two absolutely epic role playing games. Will you take the side of Crono and his time traveling friends or Geralt and his quest to clear his name?
Kratos could probably take Wander on in a fight, but can Kratos' taste for revenge overcome Wander's valiant quest to bring his lover back to life? Only you can decide.
It's Aperture vs. Rapture in this battle between science and history. Will you take the side of maniacal robots or huge lumbering genetically altered Big Daddies?
Will you vote for the fairy boy who goes on an epic journey through time to save the world, or the psychic circus-runaway who has to return the brains of his friends?
It's the battle between finding a princess and uncovering your past in this match-up. Will you vote for Tim and his arduous quest to locate the princess who's always running off, or The Namless One, who has to reclaim his memories?
Two super-soldiers are against each other in the fiercest match we've seen all Deathmatch. Will you vote for the futuristic battle hardened Master Chief or Snake, the ingenious stealthy solider who has to take out a superweapon?
In one corner we have Sheperd and friends fighting in space and uncovering the mysteries of a bigger threat, while in the other, Edge and his mighty dragon must unravel the mystery of his dying world. Whose story will you vote for?

Round One Battles: Complete

It's up to you to decide if dealing with a viscous plague that's spreading across an entire nation is more serious than taking care of demons who want nothing more than to see the destruction of civilization as a whole.
How is the man who made flinging himself across buildings supposed to go up against a Dark Lord of the Sith? With two hidden blades and your vote, that's how.
Crazy-haired Crono and his time traveling friends better equip their strongest swords and spears when they go up against Pyramid Head and bloody nurses in this epic showdown. The Epoch can't save them now, only your vote can.
Amnesia is a fickle thing, one that both protagonists in this round have to deal with. While Geralt of Rivia is framed for the murder of a king, Soldier G65434-2 has his own problems. It's up to him to stop an evil AI from merging space and cyberspace in to one. The most important thing is you remember who to vote for.
Searching for lost treasure and flinging yourself from falling trains is never easy, but it's even harder when you're going up against the dual-wielding God of War and his messed up family issues.
Grim Fandango and Shadow of the Colossus actually have a lot in common. Both imaginative games feature an intriguing main character who risks everything to help a girl. The question is will you vote for the game whose story's told in a quirky way, or in a majestic way?
It seems like everyone with a big sword is either trying to save or destroy the world these days, but poor Chell from Portal 2 is just trying to escape two crazy robots and a puzzling facility. It all comes down to Materia and potatoes in this battle, but who will win?
Sometimes the setting of a game can be the true star, which is the case for both of these titles. Would you rather gallop your way across landscapes filled with real game and cowboys, or traverse through an underwater dystopian city built in the 60s? That's for you to decide, with a vote of course.
Boomerangs vs. batarangs, hookshots vs. grappling hooks, bombchus, vs. smoke bombs, all things that have nothing to do with the amazing story in either of these games. Fortunately, you get to decide if the caped crusader is man enough to outsmart the Hero of Time.
Sometimes powers have weird ways of revealing themselves. This isn't the case for Raz, who takes his psychic powers to a summer camp. But for Jade, it's not until she's hit rock bottom that she learns of a strange power inside herself. Will you vote for the hilarious kid trying to save the brains of his peers, or the hardworking photographer who has to put her soul on the line for humanity's sake?
Two mysterious games are pitted against each other in this show down of the unnatural. In one game you come back from the dead to learn of your past, while in the other you find out your hallucinations are really a parallel universe that you have to save. Use your mental powers to vote for your favorite!
Time's running out in this battle between indie favorite Braid and The Journeyman Project II: Buried in Time. Tim has to "rescue" a princess who's running from him while Gage Blackwood has to save his future with his past self. Quick, vote for a title before it runs off to another castle.
What's worse than turning all your friends in to sand demons due to your own greediness? If you guessed an alien race coming to invade Earth as you're pinning medals on your jacket, you're right! It's up to you to decide if a love story is more compelling than another Earth attack.
Two of the most memorable characters in video game history, Kefka and Solid Snake, are introduced in these two battling games. Kefka's a maniac who wants to take over the world at the expense of others, while CIA Agent Snake is on a mission to save it. Which side will you take?
It's the battle between two games of epic proportions. In one corner you've got Suikoden II, a massive RPG with over a hundred characters to learn about and fight with. In the other, up in the sky, it's Panzer Dragoon Saga, a game with mystery, intrigue, and of course, dragons.
In one corner we have the genius Gordon Freeman, protecting Earth with only his gravity gun and a simple crowbar. In the other corner we have Commander Shepherd trying to protect the entire universe with futuristic technology and the help of a few new friends. Who's quest is more epic? That's for you to decide.

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