Gong! That was the sound of Videogame Deathmatch. 32 best-selling games from this year are gearing up to fight for the title: Best Video Game of 2011. The challengers are in place but it's up to you, the gamers, to decide who takes it all. Make sure your voice is heard and make sure your favorite game is crowned #1.

Final Round Battle: Complete

It all comes down to this: The final battle of 2011's best video games pits legendary adventurer Link against the historical assassinations of Assassin's Creed. Will Nintendo's mascot defeat the wrist-blades of Assassin's Creed? Cast your vote now.

Round Two Battles: Complete

Historical assassins take on comical street thugs in this battle of styles. Will you vote for History or cappin' fools? Hidden blades or Uzis? Decide away!
What's better? Creepy space aliens or realistic war? Only you can decide the winner of this battle of Terrors.
Two science-fiction styles fight in this match-up. Do you prefer the cool Blade Runner vibe of Deus Ex? Or the gritty, bullet-ridden, blood-soaked Gears of War 3?
This match-up pits the notoriously difficult Dark Souls against beginner friendly MMO World of Warcraft. Which side are you on?
First-person shooter Rage meets first-person puzzler Portal 2. GlaDOS's artificial intelligence will prove a powerful enemy for Rage's firepower.
Skyrim may feature an expansive open-world with endless quests, but as far as I know, no one's spine is ripped from their body, so this should be an interesting fight.
Soccer meets swords in a sports vs. fantasy fight that will surely divide the gaming community like the Civil War divided the United States. Where's Abe Lincoln when you need him?
Legendary crime-fighter Batman meets his most impressive enemy yet in the form of the hundreds of cars and tracks of the newest Forza.

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