Gong! That was the sound of Videogame Deathmatch. 32 best-selling games from this year are gearing up to fight for the title: Best Video Game of 2011. The challengers are in place but it's up to you, the gamers, to decide who takes it all. Make sure your voice is heard and make sure your favorite game is crowned #1.

Final Round Battle: Complete

It all comes down to this: The final battle of 2011's best video games pits legendary adventurer Link against the historical assassinations of Assassin's Creed. Will Nintendo's mascot defeat the wrist-blades of Assassin's Creed? Cast your vote now.

Round Four Battles: Complete

Assassin's Creed: Revelations has assassinated some pretty big name games already, but is it ready for Marcus and company from Gears of War 3?
In this battle of swords and styles, the light-as-air Zelda takes on serious-as-Game of Thrones RPG Skyrim. Which do you prefer, reader? Make your voice heard by voting!

Round Three Battles: Complete

In a flat-out fight, the soldiers of Battlefield 3 would cut Assassin's Creed's protagonists to ribbons with their machine guns, but REAL war can take place in the shadows, and a clever assassin with a single blade could turn the tide of battle.
The gritty, chainsaw wielding soldier bros of Gears 3 take on the hard-as-granite gameplay of Dark Souls in this match-up for the ages. Cast your vote and pick the winner!
A true conflict of gaming styles, this battle features a fight between the tight, narrative-driven puzzle gaming of Portal 2 against the expansive open-world of Skyrim. Dragon-shout your favorite!
Link meets the Dark Knight, and brightly-colored nostalgia fights with gritty crime stopping as Gotham takes on Hyrule. Can Link's bow match up to the Caped Crusader's gadgets? Decide with your vote!

Round Two Battles: Complete

Historical assassins take on comical street thugs in this battle of styles. Will you vote for History or cappin' fools? Hidden blades or Uzis? Decide away!
What's better? Creepy space aliens or realistic war? Only you can decide the winner of this battle of Terrors.
Two science-fiction styles fight in this match-up. Do you prefer the cool Blade Runner vibe of Deus Ex? Or the gritty, bullet-ridden, blood-soaked Gears of War 3?
This match-up pits the notoriously difficult Dark Souls against beginner friendly MMO World of Warcraft. Which side are you on?
First-person shooter Rage meets first-person puzzler Portal 2. GlaDOS's artificial intelligence will prove a powerful enemy for Rage's firepower.
Skyrim may feature an expansive open-world with endless quests, but as far as I know, no one's spine is ripped from their body, so this should be an interesting fight.
Soccer meets swords in a sports vs. fantasy fight that will surely divide the gaming community like the Civil War divided the United States. Where's Abe Lincoln when you need him?
Legendary crime-fighter Batman meets his most impressive enemy yet in the form of the hundreds of cars and tracks of the newest Forza.

Round One Battles: Complete

Cole Phelps and Desmond Miles both a know a thing or two about climbing up buildings, sweet talking the ladies, and being a snappy dresser. However only one can take the title of our favorite video game of 2011.
Dead Island and Saints Row: The Third are both open world games with crazy customizable weapons. Dead Island has a magic wand mod and Saints Row: The Third has a dildo-sword, but only one can be the most outrageous!
It's your typical battle of morally conflicted bad boys: Cole MacGrath and Isaac Clarke are both vying for our favorite game of 2011. Their killer smiles and expert combat skills won't help them in this battle though; voters choice.
For five years Modern Warfare has reigned over the FPS market. A worthy adversary has appeared, can Battlefield 3 knock Modern Warfare 3 from its throne? Team based or lone wolf? You decide.
Two of the most visually interesting and stylized games of the year are competing against each other. You'll want to do more than look at Crysis 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you'll want to play every second but who will win?
The war-torn world is falling apart has humans fight to reclaim their home from an impending enemy force. This description can be used to describe either Gears of War 3 or Resistance 3. But which game is darker? Which has better weapons: Lancer or Bullseye?
This match-up pits the hardcore against the hardcore. Die-hard gamers around the world agree both games are difficult, but the payoff is more than worth it. The question is which is more badass: The Witcher 2 or Dark Souls?
Will the older more experienced MMO win out over the fresh newcomer? Both brought copious amounts of content to their respective fanbases, but will RIFT’s great updates be enough to win over Cataclysm’s new challenges and entirely new early-game experience?
Two beautiful games, a futuristic military shooter in Killzone 3 and a grim but immersive post-apocalyptic shooter in Rage face off for the title of the year's best action FPS. It'll be up to you to decide which headshots felt better.
While Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized console gaming in its time, is the remake strong enough to live up to an innovative masterpiece from this day and age? It's GLaDOS vs. Cortana. Master Chief vs. Chell. The Portal gun vs. The Warthog.
These two games are responsible for countless hours of not working, not studying, and not going outside. Skyrim and Minecraft are the reasons why you've called in sick, pulled all-nighters and you've enjoyed every second of it. But which title should reign supreme?
The two best fighting games of the year have to duke it out for the ultimate chance at victory. Will Kung Lao and Kratos be strong enough to take on characters from both the Capcom and Marvel universes, or will Chun-Li be able to drop kick Mileena off the Krypt?
FIFA Soccer 12 was able to score with their impressive Player Impact Engine, but with the realism and improvements year over year found in NBA 2K12 it'll be a tough decision to choose which of the two is the best sports game of the year.
Both Link and Drake have excellent treasure hunting abilities, but it's up to you to decide if Uncharted 3's graphical and storytelling achievements can match up to Skyward Sword's impressive dungeon design and realistic sword-fighting mechanics. Or you can just decide if Link is hotter than Nathan Drake.
Is Batman: Arkham City's finely crafted single-player game enough to beat out the massive player base and explorable world in DC Universe Online? Will all of the extraordinary characters from Arkham City be able to win out over Batman’s followers from DCUO? You have to decide.
While Dance Central 2 allows you to move around like the pros, it's Forza Motorsport 4 that really has you feeling the breeze fly through your hair. Which Kinect-enabled title really left you feeling like you were the controller?

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