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DreamHack 2010: The World's Biggest LAN

If you are looking for something to entertain you this Thanksgiving weekend besides your relatives and the NFL, check out the various DreamHack streams that are starting today for the best and most exciting eSports tournaments happening from Sweden. DreamHack is advertised as the world's largest LAN, and in 2009 the event reached over 200,000 unique visitors! 

This year at DreamHack, the main eSports events are StarCraft 2, Quake Live, and Counter Strike 1.6 They'll all have their own individual streams , while Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, and Heroes of Newerth will have tournaments but no streamed content.  The biggest and best competitive names for these games will be in attendance, including loved StarCraft 2 shoutcaster Sean "Day 9" Plott who will be casting the SC2 matches. 

If you want more info for these tournaments, grab your jacket and head over to the DreamHack Winter 2010 website for a full list of all the players, brackets, and more! And if you can't catch the streams this weekend, don't worry because we'll have a full write up from all the events later next week. 

NorCal Regionals 8 have come and gone, but the fighting game tournament definitely had its share of upsets, narrow knock outs, and exciting moments this weekend. Here’s a breakdown of the highly anticipated SSF4 singles Grand Finals feature BLG Vance "Vangief" Wu and EG Ricky Ortiz. Check after the break for even more analysis!


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Ricky Ortiz Wins NorCal Regionals!

Evil Geniuses' Ricky Ortiz came out on top at North California Regionals this weekend. In his first match of the Super Street Fighter IV singles top 8 tournament he was playing against Borderland Gaming's Vance "Vangief" Wu. He lost the first game while playing his staple character, Rufus. In an effort to get a leg up over Vance, he counter-picked his secondary character, Chun-Li, to take the second game. Ultimately though; Ortiz lost out to Vance in the third game and was sent packing to the losers bracket.

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For those unable to make the trek up north this weekend for the NorCal Regionals tournament, we've got you covered. Starting at 9am to 3pm on Saturday and 10am to 7pm on Sunday, we're going to be live streaming all of the action right here at G4TV.com thanks to our partnership with iPLAYWINNER! The stream will feature tons of matches from the best of the best fighting game competitors, as well as all of the championship matches on Sunday complete with professional commentary to keep you up to speed. 


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NorCal Regionals Are Here!

NorCal Regionals are here! Attendees are arriving in droves and getting ready to set up for the latest button smashing, fight stick mashing, fighting game tournament that will kick off tomorrow at 9am. The Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, and Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix tournaments are starting early, and G4TV.com will be streaming the entire event from start to finish.

Make sure to tune into our stream to witness some of the highest levels of tournament play, amazing commentary, and so much more. And if you’re heading up to NCR yourself this weekend, there is a lot of awesome stuff in store for you. On top of all of the tournaments going on, there will also be playable builds of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and The King of Fighters 13 to preview.

If you’re a fan of fighting games or eSports in general, our coverage of NorCal Regionals can’t be missed. Are you heading up to NCR? Who do you think will come out on top this weekend? As for me? I think Daigo is out for some revenge and will take it all the way. 



After all the fun we had at SoCal Regionals a few weeks ago, we want more! Northern California Regionals is coming up this weekend and I'm heading up there to bring you guys all the Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 you could ever want. 

We'll be featuring the high quality live stream from NCR on both Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you check back to catch all the action. Some of the biggest names in the fighting game scene are going to be in attendence. Including Evil Geniuses members Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz, as well as Daigo "The Beast" Umehara and the winner of SoCal Regionals, BLG's Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez. 

Along with the epic Super Street Fighter IV singles tournament, the event will also feature a SSF II Turbo: HD Remix tournament, a SSF IV 3v3 tournament, and a Tekken 6 tournament, all with money prizes and ultimate bragging rights. But that's not all. The event which blew everyone away at SCR, the NorCal vs. SoCal 5on5 exhibition match is also back!

Make sure you stay tuned this weekend on G4TV.com for the stream. There are sure to be some legendary ass kickings afoot!

 SoCal Regionals Top 3 Moments

The SoCal Regionals were last weekend, and with all the fun stuff that happened at the tournament it was hard for us to narrow it down to only the top three moments. Check after the break to see what got us out of our seats screaming and cheering, and in other cases dropping our jaws in speechless amazement. 

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SoCal Regionals is over and if you didn't watch the live stream over the weekend, then shame on you. However, I will forgive you for missing out on an incredible fighting tournament by presenting you with the full SoCal Regionals Super Street Fighter IV final match between the Filipino Champ and Daigo Umehara. Get ready to be on the edge of your seat as Daigo Umehara attempts to make an amazing comeback, but Filipino Champ held strong and defeated the beast.

Congratulations to all the fighters who competed and special thanks to the team at Level|Up for all the support with the live stream. Be sure to check back for more SoCal Regionals matches.


SoCal Regionals Super Street Fighter 4 Championship Match »


TeamLiquid Interview With StarCraft 2 MLG National Champion Liquid`Jinro, Liquid`TLO, and Liquid`HuK

I've been covering the Starcraft 2 tournament at MLG Dallas this past weekend, as seen in my Saturday report and Sunday wrap-up, and recently I got the opportunity to interview many of the StarCraft 2 fan favorites from TeamLiquid. With TeamLiquid landing 4 players in the top 8, I was lucky enough to sit down for a few minutes with StarCraft 2 National Champion Liquid`Jinro, as well as his teammates HuK, and TLO.

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MLG Dallas 2010 National Championships Wrap Up - Sunday Funday Report<

Just arrived home after a whirlwind of a weekend at the Major League Gaming tournament in Dallas. The best word I can use to describe the event is epic. Over the past three weeks, between Blizzcon and MLG, I've spent a lot of time with my fellow gamers. I can't even begin to express how awesome everyone has been. Especially at MLG and SixJax Gaming. With MLG, where the gamers are competing for huge prizes, they are all so humble and appreciative of fans, and congratulate one another whether they win or lose. "GG" is often seen as an insult in gaming nowadays, something along the lines of "pwned n00b, gg." But at MLG, it was always said with respect, sometimes even with a "well played" afterwards too. I love that about professional gaming. So, with that said, here's a recap of all the fun from Championship Sunday at MLG Dallas 2010.


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SoCalRegionals Live Streaming Event - Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Video

Our SoCalRegionals Tournament Live Stream will cover all the fighting events from SCR, running at approximately 10:00am until close on Saturday 11/6, and 10am until 10pm Pacific on Sunday 11/7. Dozens of matches, all the best fighters and running commentary from the experts at level|up, who have put on one of the West Coast's most popular tournaments!

Look below and see the masters in action!

And for even more, be sure to check out our interview with four of the top fighters.


MLG Dallas

MLG Dallas's National Championship Sunday has begun at Major League Gaming's 2010 tournament!

Click here for the Halo 3 stream.

Click here for the StarCraft 2 stream.

The early matches of the tournaments began late Friday evening and kept rolling along Saturday. There were definitely some major upsets in the StarCraft 2 scene, but zerglings weren't the only thing to keep me occupied at MLG Dallas. There was also a huge Halo 3 tournament going on, and the brackets there were absolutely intense. Things will keep rolling along today, but here's my wrap up of the hottest Halo 3 and StarCraft 2 happenings from Saturday of at MLG Dallas.

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Four of the greatest Super Street Fighter IV players in the world – Justin Wong, Marn, Mike Ross, and GamerBee – will be attending this weekend’s Southern California Regionals tournament in Los Angeles. Luckily for us, these absurdly skilled players were able to step away from their well worn fightsticks for a few minutes to head over to the G4 offices and talk to us about how they broke into the competitive gaming scene, the methodology behind their character preferences, and what they’re expecting from this weekend’s big tournament.

And for more, be sure to check out G4tv.com's SoCal Regionals tournament live stream, starting tomorrow at 9am Pacific!

SoCal Regionals Pros Talk Super Street Fighter 4 »


StarCraft 2 Pros To Watch For At MLG Dallas

Back in August the first major North American StarCraft 2 professional competition was born. MLG Raleigh started things off with a large bracket and the introduction of the first StarCraft 2 pro gamers. It's now two tournaments later and this weekend in Dallas, the first StarCraft 2 MLG Champion will officially be crowned. 

Entry was open for anyone that wanted a shot at the title. With a massive 128-player bracket, it's really anyone's game to take. However, there are a few extremely notable players that are going to be competing at MLG Dallas. I've made a list of the players I find the most interesting to watch, and who I think will make a great showing this weekend. It's go time! 

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Halo 3 Teams To Follow at MLG Dallas
The Major League Gaming National Championships for  Halo 3 are right around the corner, so what better time than now to get you acquainted with some teams to watch for this weekend in Dallas? Every group competing at MLG Dallas has had to go through multiple qualifiers throughout the year, and only the best eight are competing for the number one spot and an impressive $100,000 in prize money.
The Halo 3 tournament is set up in a double elimination format. Eight teams of four players each have to win the best of five games per match to proceed. Each match consists of two Team Slayer games, two Multiflag games, and one Team King / Team Oddball game. So without further ado, check out the four teams I'll be to paying close attention to at MLG Dallas:

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