PAX Prime 2010

Duke Nukem Forever Is Real And Playable At PAX, Coming From 2K Games And Gearbox Software

UPDATED 10:29 AM PST: Gearbox Software head Randy Pitchford confirmed during a presentation at PAX that Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled for release in 2011 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Duke Nukem Forever is real! It’s being developed by Gearbox Software and being published by 2K Games, and it’s playable on the show floor at PAX this very second!

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Pax Photo Gallery A-Hoy!

This is the first time I've been to any version of PAX, so I'm not all that sure what to expect. For what I've heard, though, the convention is a lot more fun than the "industry-only" style conventions like E3 that I'm used to. The focus is on the gamers themselves as opposed to the companies that make games, so I'm honestly looking forward to hanging out with like-minded nerds, maybe meeting some new pals, and generally having a rip-roaring weekend of gaming.

While I'm looking forward to trying out the "bigger" games on my schedule (particularly Portal 2's co-op!), I love the focus on smaller, indie style games at PAX. I'm hoping a discover a hidden gem or two among the on-display titles at the show. When I do, I'll let you guys know about it, I promise.

PAX 2010: What I'm Looking Forward To

PAX is my favorite video game related show all year, hands down. Why? Because it's really for the gamers, and not the press, the industry, the men who live and breathe by the smell of money. This is a show made for the people with calluses on their fingers, and D20s in their pockets. If you're a gamer, no matter what your speed, PAX Prime 2010 has something for you.

We're covering a wide range of things at the show, ranging from the inFamous 2 panel, the Bungie panel, and D&D Live to things like multiple game demos, interviews, and plenty of photos and video from the show floor. But what am I really looking forward to? Well, you'll have to read on to find out. Plus, if you're planning on being at PAX, come hang out with us!

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Come See G4 Live and In-Person @ PAX!

PAX Prime 2010 begins tomorrow, readers, and we wanted to give you an overview of what you can expect from G4TV.com over the weekend, if you aren't fortunate enough to be attending the show. We're talking panels, game previews, interviews, news and more!


We're going to be bringing back video and reports of some of the most interesting panels at the show, including:

  • PAX Keynote with Warren Spector: Gaming Legend Warren Spector, the chief architect of the Thief series, System Shock and Deus Ex, will deliver the big speech, and perhaps drops some more info on what we can expect from Disney Epic Mickey.
  • Hal Halpin and Adam Sessler: ECA President Hal Halpin and G4's host of X-Play and Editor-in-Chief of games content, Adam Sessler discuss the hot topics that are affecting the video game industry today and look at trends that could impact gamers in the future.
  •  inFAMOUS 2: An Inside Glimpse into Creating the Superpowered Franchis: Go behind the scenes with key team members of Sucker Punch Productions, the developer behind the critically acclaimed PS3 blockbuster inFamous and upcoming inFAMOUS 2.

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Come See G4 Live and In-Person @ PAX!

This weekend, Pax 2010 takes place in Seattle. G4 will be all over the Penny Arcade Expo, and if you're going to, we'd like to invite you out for drinks*.

There will be lots of chances to hang out with G4 at the show itself, but if you want to hang more informally, come down to Shorty Dog (2222A 2nd Avenue, between Bell and Blanchard) on Friday night, 7:30-9, and Meet up with the X-Play and G4tv.com teams at Seattle’s best clown-themed arcade bar. Formal attire not required.

*If you're over 21, of course... oh, and when we say "invite you out for drinks" we don't mean we're buying!


Come See G4 Live and In-Person @ PAX!

Penny Arcade Expo 2010: Prime is imminently approaching, and G4 will be there. Will you? If so,come hang out with us! You'll have several opportunities to see the gang in Seattle amidst the hubbub of PAX. Just check out our schedule below, and come say hello.


  • Hal Halpin and Adam Sessler Talking Games! 11:30AM to 12:30PM in the Pegasus Theater:  ECA President Hal Halpin and X-Play’s The Sess discuss hot topics such as net neutrality, digital rights and the upcoming violence in videogames US Supreme Court Case.
  • X-Play's Adam Sessler will be signing things! 2PM to 3PM at the Gunnar/Turtle Beach Booth:  This may or may not include body parts.
  • X-Play and G4tv.com Meet-up! 7:30PM to 9PM at Shorty Dog (2222A 2nd Avenue, between Bell and Blanchard): Meet up with the X-Play and G4tv.com teams at Seattle’s best clown-themed arcade bar. Formal attire not required.


  • Autographs! 3PM to 4PM in the Queue Room:  X-Play's Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Blair Herter will be signing autopgraphs.
  • Feedback Live!  5PM to 6PM in the Pegasus Theater (in the Sheraton Hotel): Join Adam Sessler, Abbie Heppe, Matt Keil and Kevin Kelly for a special LIVE version of G4tv.com’s award winning videogame discussion show Feedback! It’ll be great.  
  • Insomniac Games: Behind-the-Scenes: 6:30PM to 7:30PM in the Serpent Theater:  Insomniac Games on their next PlayStation 3 Project. Moderated by X-Play’s cable TV darling Adam Sessler.


  • X-Play LIVE: A Show on Television: 12:30PM to 1PM in the Main Theater : The big one! Check out a very LIVE version of X-Play with Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, Blair Herter and Abbie Heppe as they discuss the most watched videogame show on television. Expect surprises, tears and at least three separate restraining orders.

Not going to PAX? Not to worry. We'll be bringing you all the surprises, coverage, sneak peeks, and more as we check out the innards of all things PAX. Keep it tuned right here for all your breaking news, PAX and otherwise.

Ubisoft Reveals Pax Lineup

Ubisoft revealed its Pax 2010 lineup this morning, and it includes the first Ubisoft Kinect games that are playable by the public. Ubisoft will have three booths at the show (exhibit spaces: 632, 622 and 712) and will be showing some never-before-played Kinect titles Child of Eden and H.A.W.X 2 multiplayer, as well as giving the public a "sneak peak of Outland." Non-Kinect Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be on display as well.

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Indie Games Monaco And SpyParty: Together, Playable At PAX

If you're going to Pax this year, I'm going to invite you to something cool. Something really cool. Indie games SpyParty and Monaco are sharing a booth, and you are invited to come down and play both games until another PAX gamer kicks you off them. They're at booth 3004, at Pax Prime, in  Seattle, WA on September 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 2010.

Why the shared booth? Well, these two games share a common theme of espionage. Both games are multiplayer as well, but the most important similarity between them is that each was made by a solitary individual (Andy Schatz made Monaco and Chris Hecker made SpyParty) toiling away for countless hours to create a game that is unlike any other. The essence of indie-gaming!

Anyway, come check it out, or get some more details, right here!

Castle Crashers PSN

August 31 will be a good day for Playstation owners: That's the day ace downloadable title Castle Crashers will be available on the PlayStation Network.  The king of beat-em-ups will run you $15, but I promise you it's worth all that and more. It's a seriously great little game.

The Behemoth has been hard at work on this for over a year, and will be on hand at Pax to show off Castle Crashers in a real arcade cabinet...

Here's how the The Behemoth blog describes the company's PAX presence...

We're going to be at PAX (Penny-Arcade Expo) on September 3-5th at Booth #3102 so come on by and check out both Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. We are building a 4-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet which you can use at the show! Look out X-Men/Predator/Simpsons we’re coming after your distant memories!!!!

I'll be at Pax... wanna hang out and play Castle Crashers?

PAX 2009 may have finished up over the long weekend, but that won't stop us from sending off Penny Arcade's expo with asizable photo roundup. Aside from our customary general gallery (complete with Team Fortress 2 crew below), check out the: 

Till next year, stay indie-classy oh great gaming convention of the Pacific Northwest.

PAX 2009 Photo Roundup, Yeehaw!

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